Regulatory Disclosers

SEC Rule 606 Disclosure

In accordance with SEC Rule 606, Potamus Trading is making available a quarterly report which identifies the significant market centers to which customer orders were routed for execution. Specifically, this rule requires disclosure of the top ten market centers (in terms of the total number of orders routed for execution) and any other market centers to which the Firm routes five percent or more of its customers’ orders. The report is divided into four sections as required by the SEC: (1) equity securities listed on the NYSE; (2) equity securities listed on the Nasdaq Stock Market, Inc.; (3) equity securities listed on the AMEX or any other national securities exchange; and (4) exchange-listed options. Lastly, the report will disclose, among other things, the material aspects of Potamus’ relationship with those top market centers that receive a significant amount of order flow and what percentage of customer orders are routed to each of the top market centers.

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